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Customer are deemed to have read, understood and accepted the following terms & conditions listed below :



· The Company : refer to Pearl Holiday (M) Travel & Tour Sdn.Bhd. and its authorized Sales Agent/s

· Ticket : refer to air ticket or admission ticket

· FIT package : refer to “Free Independent Traveler” or “Self Drive” package which include ground service only

· GIT package : refer to “Group Independent Traveler” package which the tour will be departed in group with sufficient group size are formed.



Unless specified, Tour Fare only includes :

· A return air fare on economy class (for GIT package depart by flight) OR a return coach transfer service (for GIT package depart by coach)

· Hotel accommodation or similar class as specified in the itinerary. Subject to the tour fare, accommodation range from single room to quad sharing basis, please refer to the tour itinerary for details

· Meals as specified in the itinerary

· Sightseeing as stated in the tour itinerary

· One piece of reasonable size baggage (ether travel by flight or by coach). For flight, weight allowance is subject to individual airline‘s baggage allowance policy. Infant below 2 years of age is not entitle for free baggage allowance. Surcharge due to overweight, oversized, or extra bags are the responsibility of the customer

The organizers reserve the right to adjust the cost of packages price due to currency fluctuations or increase in air, rail, road or ferry transportation, international airport taxes and fuel surcharges after acceptance of a booking up to and including the date of departure.

Tour fare excludes visa fees, expenses on purely personal nature such as telephone calls, excess baggage charges, beverages, personal and baggage insurance, food and beverages not on regular menu, porterage at airport and hotels, laundry, gratuities to drivers and escorts, optional excursions and such other charges not expressly included in the brochure.

Every package offered contains different things that are inclusive and exclusive. Please refer to tour itinerary for details



· All booking will be on first come first serve basis

· Deposit :

· FIT packages : RM   200 per person

· FIT packages + air ticket : RM   200 per person + full payment for air ticket

· GIT packages (by coach) : RM   200 per person

· GIT packages (by fight) : RM 2000 per person

·  The balance or full payment must be made at least 30 days before the date of departure for Free Independent Traveler (FIT) tour packages and 30 days for group tours packages. Any failure to comply with this requirement may result in the cancellation of reservation and forfeiture of deposit paid. All tour members have been informed and understand that all deposits paid are non – refundable and non – transferable. 

· For Special Promotion Packages offered in the event of travel fair / in house fair,  The Company reserved the right to increase the deposit or collect full payment during booking. Air tickets must be issued within a stipulated time frame (which will advised in advance). The fare difference will be imposed for any amendment after booking, subject to the current pricing at the time of notice. Once ticket is issued, full cancellation charge is levied and no refund will be consider in the event of cancellation, no-show or no collection of ticket.



· Payment by credit card is subject to surcharge.

· Payments made by cheque are only valid upon the clearance of the cheque. All bookings shall only be valid upon clearance of the booking fees paid to the organizers.

· Payments made by telegraphic and bank transfer are only valid upon the proof of the transfer being forwarded to The Company. All bookings shall only be valid upon the confirmation of clearance by respective bank.



a) For FIT Tour Packages - Cancellation Received:

i)Upon confirmation of the tour any subsequent change made to the reservation is subject to an amendment charges of RM50 per person per change.

i) 45 days or more before departure – administrative fee of RM 150 or deposit, whichever higher

ii) less than 45 days before departure – administrative fee of RM 200 or deposit, whichever higher

iii) 21 days before departure – 50% of tour fare or deposit per person, whichever higher

iv) 20 – 14 days before departure – 75% of tour fare or deposit per person, whichever higher

v) less than 14 days before departure – full forfeiture of tour fare


b) For Group Tour Packages - Cancellation Received:

i) 45 days or more before departure – administrative fee of RM1000 or deposit, whichever higher

ii) less than 45 days before departure – administrative fee of RM 2000 or deposit, whichever higher

iii) 21 days before departure – 50% of tour fare or deposit per person, whichever higher

iv) 20 – 14 days before departure – 75% of tour fare or deposit per person, whichever higher

v) less than 14 days before departure – full forfeiture of tour fare


c) Cancellation of reservation/booking must be made in writing to avoid any misunderstanding.

d) The respective airline’s cancellation policy on special promotional fare shall apply in addition to the cancellation charges as set out above. (Note: the airline ticket is restricted and subject to the Airline’s Terms and Conditions. It may be non-endorsable, non-issuable, non-refundable and non-reroutable. Any alteration in routing or change of date of travel by any passenger is solely at his own risk. The organizers or its associated agents shall not be held responsible for any inconvenience caused and extra expenses incurred. However, any refund made by any airline for a cancellation made 2 working days or less before the day of travel for non-promotional fares shall be paid to the tour member less any administration charges incurred by the tour company).



Notice of amendment must be made in writing to The Company to avoid any misunderstanding and should be sign by the person who made the original booking. The amendment is not effective until The Company receives and accepts the amendment.

For FIT Tour Packages:

· Upon confirmation of the tour any subsequent changes made to the reservation is subject to an amendment charge of RM50.00 per person per change.

· No change can be made within eight (8) working days before the date of the departure.

· Changing the reservation constitutes a cancellation of the original reservation and is subject to cancellation charges as defined in the cancellation policy in Clause 5  above said.

For GIT Tour Packages

· Upon the confirmation of the tour, no tour changes can be made to the reservation within 30 days before the date of departure.

· However, any request from any tour member for any change to return from the tour earlier or later than the group will be subject to the conditions and extra charges of the respective airlines.

· Changing the entire reservation would constitute to a cancellation of the original reservation and is subject to the cancellation charges as stated in Clause  5 above said.



· GIT tours are subject to a minimum group size of 20 adults to depart. The Company reserves the right to change, postpone or cancel any tour prior to departure for any reason whatsoever including insufficient group size, any act of God, war, strike, riot or order from the Government of Malaysia which is beyond its control.

· The Company also reserve the right to alter the itineraries, travel arrangements, airlines used, flight schedules, mode of transportation, service and hotel accommodation at any time (without compensation) due to unforeseen circumstances with or without prior notice.  

· Should the tour is being cancel by The Company, alternative tours shall be recommended and all tour members who have selected the alternative tour shall be required to pay the difference in the event that the price of the selected alternative tour is higher than the original tour. Any tour members deciding not to accept the alternative tours shall be paid a full refund of all payments made less any applicable administrative charges. Unless specified, no further damages are claimable by tour members in the event that the tour is cancelled.

· No other liabilities whatsoever shall be borne by The Company in respect of such cancellations.


8. TOUR LEADER (for GIT packages only)

Tour Leader shall only be arranged for a group of a minimum of 20 adult tour members and subject to availability. The Company reserve the right to reject any cancellation from any tour member for the reason that no tour leader is provided and the tour members is deemed to be taking the original tour schedule. Or, for any cancellation by the tour member, Clause 5 above said may be imposed and acted to the tour members accordingly.



Changing of airline’s schedule or local conditions may require sightseeing tours, hotels and routs to be changed. Should this occurs, The Company shall make alternative arrangements subject to local conditions. The Company  and its authorized agents also reserve the right to change the tour itinerary with or without notice due to operational reasons.



No refund or reduction will be made to any person or individual who does not participate in or who forgoes any flight sector, sightseeing tour, transfer or accommodation so provided at any time during the course of the tour, for whatever reason.



All tour members must personally ensure that their passports are valid for at least 6 month from the date of their return to Malaysia.



All tour members are encouraged to process their own visa. The organizer offers assistance for the application of visa but approval is not guaranteed. The organizer cannot be held liable for any loss of passport(s) due to any reason whatsoever including without limitations, negligence on the part of our employees, agents and / or servants. All service charges and visa fees levied shall be borne entirely by the tour members.



Extension of stay after the end of the tour is subject to the tickets and seats availability. All extra charges involved for the arrangements for any extension of stay / deviation will be at passenger’s own expenses and no transfer will be provided to the airport for the returning flight. When the extension of stay / deviation cannot be confirmed prior to group’s departure, passenger is deemed to be taking the original tour schedule.



The organizers reserves the right to cancel or withdraw any itinerary, or any reservation made for a client or decline to accept or retain any person from being a tour member if he is likely to endanger the health or safety, or impair the comport or enjoyment, of others on the tour. The organizers further reserves the right to cancel the reservation if for any other reason any carrier, hotel or other contractor refuses to allow any participant to participate in the tours. In any of such events, the company’s liability shall be limited to the refund of any monies paid, less the amounts of for the services already utilized and any administration and cancellation fees.



All tour members are encouraged to purchase a travel insurance scheme. Unless specified, tour members shall only be covered while travelling on the road for all tour departures covered under in-coach insurance scheme. All travels by air shall only be insured under the respective airline insurance scheme. The organizers strongly recommend tour members to purchase a separate travel insurance scheme. The organizer shall not be personally liable for any bodily injuries, disability, losses to personal belongings and death of any tour members arising out of the tour and the tour members are required to check with the respective parties in term of insurance coverage.



Should there be difficult and uncooperative tour members during the tour, whose act and conduct deem to be unreasonable and detrimental to the enjoyment, interest, well – being and safety of the other tour members and the smooth running of the tour in general, the tour leader concerned possesses full discretion to deal with such persons as he / she deems fit, including requiring him / her to leave the tour. The decision of the tour leader in this respect is final and conclusive and the organizer shall not make refund for any uncompleted part of the tour due to this reason



All tour members are strongly advised to seek independent medical advice before travelling. The organizer shall not be held responsible for any tour members who falls ill or contracted any decease during or after the tour and/or due to any reason, including but not limited to the health condition of the places travelled during the tour.



All tour members shall at his/her own expenses obtain all health certificates as required by the various authorities to the countries visited, if applicable.


19. Special Care Request

The Company shall not be required to cater and/or provide for the needs and/or requirements of any disabled/handicapped individuals and or individuals suffering from any and all medical conditions. The Company strongly urge all tour members to equip themselves with all care and needs that they may require.



It is expressly agreed that The Company  and / or its authorized Agents acts only as agents for the transportation companies, hotel and other participants in the program. Tickets, documents, notice letters and other correspondence are issued subject to the terms and conditions contained in the contracts under which the participants provide the services. The Company and its transportation company, hotel and other participants in this programmed shall not be held responsible to any tour members for any loss, damages, death or personal injuries, expenses, penalties or any other inconvenience of whatever nature and however caused or arising from the following:

· Any mistakes, errors, inaccuracy, wrong description, changes, alteration or amendment to any tour schedule or the itinerary whether material or otherwise.

· Any additional expenses or costs incurred by the tour members due to delays caused by changes in the flight schedules or any other travel schedules, sickness, weather conditions, strikes, riots, fire, floods, commotion, war, quarantine and any other causes beyond the control of the organizers, its authorized agents and the other participants in the program.

· Loss or damage of baggage and personal effects during the journey or on transit or in the event of an accident save if the same were cause by any acts of negligence or wilful neglect attributable to the company the company’s employees or agents, suppliers and sub-contractors, servants and/or agents of the same whilst acting within the scope of, or in the course of, their employment.

· Any abrupt termination of service by transportation companies, hotels and other participants in this program due to bankruptcy, liquidation, closure or suspension of business or any other so ordered by the authorities.

· Any alteration on the routing or change of date of travel by tour members is solely at his / her own risk. The Company shall not be held responsible for any inconvenience caused and/or extra expenses incurred.

· Any deportation or refusal of entry by immigration Authorities or confiscation of any personal items to / of tour members resulting from but not limited to the possession of unlawful items of holding improper travel documents or other causes of whose behaviour and activities are considered as subversive by the foreign government concerned.

· It is the tour member’s sole responsibility to check for the entry requirements of the countries visited. The Company shall not be held responsible for any tour member who was refused entry by immigration Authorities due to failure to meet with any entry requirement and there shall be no refund to tour members who had been refused entry by immigration Authorities.

· For student tour, the tour manager and accompanying teachers will try their best to take good care of the students. The school and the organizers shall not be held responsible for any incident happened beyond their control.

· The Company shall not liable to the tour member for any goods purchased during the tour whether or not the goods are defective quality, not suitable for the tour member’s purpose, not in conformity with samples provided or rejected by the tour member. This include those goods purchased in the shop that visited as part of the itinerary or which recommended by the tour leader, tour guide, the shop’s sales person.

· The Company or its agents/employees shall not be deemed to give any guarantee or warranty or representation of any kind whatsoever in respect of the tour, unless such guarantee or warranty or representation is expressly added as a special condition in writing by The Company hereto.



The Company welcomes constructive feedback, please submit in writing within 7 days from the date of return should you have any comment for the tour. No responsibility is accepted in respect to any dispute that is made thereafter.



The Company reserve the right to change, amend, insert or delete any of the items in this Terms & Conditions as the case may be, without prior notice.

In the event of a difference in the Chinese version and the English version of this terms & conditions, the English version will be deemed to be the correct version.

Notwithstanding the place or country in which a course of action arises, in the event of disputes between the parties, the parties expressly agree to subject to laws of Malaysia and the jurisdiction and territory of Malaysia at Kuala Lumpur.

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